26 March 2018


“I am delighted that Wheyhey! Is supporting the Big Blind Walk as our Retail Partner. Their uncompromising zest for life, infectious enthusiasm for their delicious products and their pioneering spirit is perfectly in tune with my mission to get outdoors, stay healthy and encourage everyone to make the right lifestyle choices! A healthy body can support healthy eyes.”

Wheyhey! says:

Wheyhey! are delighted to be throwing their full support and encouragement behind Julian as he undertakes his Big Blind Walk.

Wheyhey! is on a mission to transform the way that people snack through offering outrageously good treats that taste awesome whilst also being low in sugar (or sugar free!) and high in protein. Ensuring that you have a healthy diet and keep active can help reduce the risk of diabetes and in turn reduce the risk of sight loss. We believe that a healthy body lets you do amazing things so we want to encourage everybody to get outside and make great choices when it comes to food.


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