30 April 2018

I have been overwhelmed by the incredible response to the Countryfile piece broadcast on Sunday 29 April. Lots of social media activity as a result including offers of more walking companions, free accommodation and transport and messages of support. We completed just over 17 miles today from Leedstown to Truro, traversing some undulating terrain with stunning views down to the sea.  We enjoyed the fields of daffodils, stitchwort, celandine and pink campion. We were accompanied by a group of optometrists with great local knowledge of the area as well as Jeroen who continued to amaze us with his ability to walk unaided wearing his Argus II technology provided by Second Sight.

2 thoughts on “30 April 2018

  1. paula.sarno@ntlworld.com says:

    You are clearly enjoying yourselves, lovely smiles. Keep going, we are all with you, some in body, some in mind.:)

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