22 June 2018

A totally unforgettable finale to a 55 day, 1,089 miles and over 2.5 million steps Big Blind Walk up through Great Britain!

Exhausted but exhilarated. Unbelievable support and expert guidance from men of 51 Infantry Brigade and HQ Scotland during my last 3 days in the Highlands. I trusted them implicitly and they delivered.

A rare breed indeed and true friends.

One thought on “22 June 2018

  1. Tony_frewin says:

    Boo, it was an absolute pleasure to walk with you.

    The final miles were a highlight of the last few years for me. It was such a positive experience, watching your personal determination, those around you supporting the walk and the partners who made the walk possible.

    It was emotional watching you achieve your goal which clearly meant so much to you, and those around you.

    Thank you for letting us be part of that team.

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