Why Second Sight is supporting the Big Blind Walk 2018

Research into innovative ways to treat blindness is at the heart of all Second Sight does.

Second Sight’s mission is to develop, make and market innovative implantable visual devices to enable blind people to achieve greater independence. Our work bridges the medical science of ophthalmology with engineering.

We are most well known as the developer and manufacturer of the world’s first artificial vision device, Second Sight’s Argus® II, an FDA and CE approved treatment for blindness. Over 250 severely blind individuals around the world are living with the Argus II today.

We hope that soon, the NHS will offer the treatment in the UK too. NHS England announced in December 2016 that it is to assess the quality of life improvements given by the Argus II in 10 British patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa who will receive the implant. They will be followed for a year to evaluate the impact of the device on their independence, mental health and ability to perform everyday tasks before the NHS decides whether or not to join the US, Germany, France and Italy in funding the treatment from government funds.

Second Sight’s research continues with the development of the Orion™ I Visual Cortical Prosthesis – the first ever study to develop a brain implant to restore some vision to individuals who are blind due to causes other than preventable or treatable conditions.

Second Sight believes in the fundamental importance of funding for research that prevents sight loss, treats eye disease, improves the rehabilitation of patients and the restoration of sight and we wish Julian and VisionBridge all the very best of luck on their 1,000 mile journey across the length of Great Britain.

For more information about Argus II, or if you wish to be considered as a patient candidate for the NHS evaluation, please call freephone 0800 520 0925.