A huge thank you to all those friends and colleagues who have bravely agreed to guide me along the route. Each one of them is an invaluable link in a support chain that reaches all the way up to John O’Groats and without which this walk would remain a fantasy!

I am also deeply indebted to the following for their wise advice, invaluable time and persistent faith in the Big Blind Walk:

Laura Heitz Jacksonsupport vehicle driver, cook and all around star

Laura’s “can do” approach to life is now taking on a whole new meaning! Driving the support vehicle, a 3 ton 8m long RV housing the communications hub/sleep pod/galley kitchen and remaining cheerful and resourceful at all times, is a challenge she is well up for meeting!

Pia Browne – Social Media wizard

Pia’s encyclopaedic knowledge of social media and her uncanny ability to “stay connected” at all times of the day or night will provide the Big Blind Walk with an invaluable resource with which to reach out to the younger generations where sight loss is rarely discussed or recognised as an issue.

Imogen Heitz Jackson – Logistics Manager

Imo’s unflappable instinct and her uncanny ability to solve complex problems under pressure and at speed will set her in good stead for getting a grip on situations and providing practical solutions to keep the show on the road alongside her mother Laura.

Neil Cosburn – Route Master and logistics whiz

A retired banking analyst, bon viveur and old friend, Neil has applied his legendary analytical skills to planning my route. His calm, methodical approach has been greatly reassuring in the face of looming deadlines. He has devised a route with enough depth and detail that would impress any member of the special forces!

Belinda van der Horstco-support vehicle driver and tour de force

Belinda’s unrelenting positivity will be an indispensable tonic during my 49 days on the road. Her cooking and fitness tips will also be greatly valued and if this isn’t enough, she has taken the plunge and agreed to guide me too.

Carrie  Sinnottyoga teacher, spiritual guide and friend

Carrie introduced me to yoga in 2014 and changed my life! She is an all around positive energy field and lifeforce that touches everyone in her orbit. Her teaching and guidance will be invaluable and keep me focused, supple and perfectly equipped to meet this walking challenge.

Timea Balogh – “360-degree support”

“Timi has supported me in my various roles over many years and continues to provide me with invaluable eye research information. Most recently, she introduced me to the ingenious Bela and Quantina Intelligence, supporting the development of my innovative web design and ensuring my content remains topical and thought-provoking.”

Charles Burt – Chief Scout

“Having had to cater for his wife Ingrid’s need for comfort under canvas at festivals, Charlie is a dab hand at making camping commodious for the discerning. He has kindly offered to bring his skills to bear on our adventure and will be ensuring that within reason, those joining us get a good night’s sleep! “

Simon RoyleFounder of “Sole Obsession” 

Based in Salisbury, Simon’s awesome knowledge of walking shoes made my decisions so easy, when faced with endless shapes, textures, colours and sizes. i feel entirely confident that I can now face all temperatures, terrains and weather conditions and just keep on going in comfort and style!

Adele – Media

Adele’s long experience of creating on-air TV promos, booking presenters, organizing shoots and editing in a fast-paced broadcast environment, provides us with an unrivaled source of hands-on experience in media promotion.