100% Optical is the largest optical event in the UK, bringing together over 8,000 professionals to learn, network and discover the latest products, technologies and solutions on an international stage.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary the event promises to deliver even more international brands across Eyewear, Equipment, Lenses, Business Services and Audiology – new for 2018.

100% Optical is the must-attend event for all businesses and professionals working in the Optical Industry.

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100% Optical event director, Nathan Garnett said:

“We want to support and enhance the optical sector and this is the perfect cause for us to champion this year. The show is more than just an industry event, it has always aimed to provide a thought leadership platform and influential “voice” for eye health innovation. It’s really shaping up to be our best year yet, which is bound to have a great impact on the awareness of VisionBridge and boost support for the Big Blind Walk. We’re really looking forward to donning our walking shoes to join in next April too.”

Visit: www.100percentoptical.com

Association of British Dispensing Opticians

“ABDO is delighted to support this worthy event and wishes all participants every success. The Association also encourages its members to become actively involved and contribute in any way they can.”

Michael Potter, Head of Marketing and Communications, Association of British Dispensing Opticians

Visit: http://www.abdo.org.uk

Association for Independent Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians

The Association for Independent Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians (AIO) is delighted to be supporting Julian on his adventurous and brave undertaking of the Big Blind Walk. As an organisation that represents Independent Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians that place long term eye health care at the core of their practices, AIO has very much common cause with raising the profile of eye care and research work aimed not only at preventing sight loss, but also restoring sight. Julian is inspirational in the way he devotes him selflessly to these causes and we are proud to be associated with him in this extraordinary endeavour.

Visit: https://www.aop.org.uk

Birdshot Uveitis society (BUS)

The Birdshot Uveitis society (BUS) is delighted to be supporting Julian on his adventurous  walk across the UK. Since the early days of setting up BUS, Julian has  always been exceptionally helpful  and supportive.  He completely recognizes the value of collaboration and working together in partnership and can really see the value of supporting and nurturing small new patient led charity’s like BUS.  Since 2012 our relationship has gone from strength to strength.  Julian is an inspiration and his enthusiasm and energy know no bounds.

Visit: https://birdshot.org.uk

British Blind Sport

“British Blind Sport is delighted to support Julian and the Big Blind Walk, showcasing how physical activity can be so much more beneficial than just your general fitness. As an organisation that enables blind and partially sighted people to access and enjoy sport and recreational activities in the UK just like fully sighted people, we are pleased to support this challenge that demonstrates integrity and shared values in sport and exercise and we look forward to following Julian’s progress.”

Visit: http://www.britishblindsport.org.uk

British Thyroid Foundation

“The British Thyroid Foundation is delighted to be supporting Julian on his extremely courageous 1,000 mile Big Blind Walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Julian has again decided to embark on another inspirational fundraising challenge to raise awareness of sight loss, support research and create a translational research fund at the National Eye Research Centre (NERC). As a charity who support patients with Thyroid Eye Disease and aims to promote better treatment for patients, we are very proud to be a supporting organisation for Julian and wish him all the luck with his remarkable fundraising efforts!”

Visit: http://www.btf-thyroid.org


“Diggerland is delighted to be supporting Julian as he campaigns and raises awareness for research into vision and eye health. We wish Julian every success with his Big Blind Walk.”

Visit: www.diggerland.com

National Trust

“The National Trust is delighted to be supporting Julian Jackson’s Big Blind Walk. As a conservation charity, alongside Julian, we hope to encourage other blind and partially-sighted people to access and enjoy the countryside. We wish Julian all the best on his long journey and look forward to the ranger team joining him along the way.”

Visit: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk

Natural Retreats

‘Natural Retreats look forward to welcoming Julian to John O’Groats after his impressive journey from Land’s End. We are always in awe of the determination and strength of our guests who arrive after completing the End to End journey, and this is no different. We would like to wish him all the best for his travels and fully support his efforts to raise awareness of the ongoing battles visually impaired and blind people are facing, and hope that he gives inspiration to many to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the circumstances.’

Visit: www.naturalretreats.com

Nystagmus Network

Nystagmus Network support Big Blind Walk

The Nystagmus Network is delighted to support Julian and his Big Blind Walk, because we believe wholeheartedly in his mission to raise awareness of sight health and foster innovative research.

The Nystagmus Network is the foremost charity in the UK supporting people affected by nystagmus. Nystagmus is a complex eye condition characterised by involuntary movements of the eye. The eyes appear to wobble or flicker from side to side or up and down. Nystagmus affects at least 1 in 1,000 people and can occur at any time of life. It causes varying degrees of visual impairment, which means that most people need help and support throughout their lives, especially in education and employment.

Since 1984, the Nystagmus Network has stood at the forefront in promoting a better understanding of nystagmus, as well as leading the way in funding research into diagnostics and to find effective treatments. The charity offers information and support to everyone who needs it and ensures that, following diagnosis, there is somewhere for people to turn.  ( Watch : Video 1 , Video 2  , Video 3 )

Registered charity number: 803440

Visit: http://nystagmusnetwork.org/

Pure Leisure Group

‘Pure Leisure Group is proud to be supporting The Big Blind Walk, we wish you all the best in this activity and look forward to helping out along the way.’


Pure Leisure Group is one of the leading holiday companies offering holiday home ownership and holidays across the U.K. Pure Leisure offer a wide range of holiday homes available to purchase including Luxury Lodges and Static Caravans to suit every budget.

Visit: https://www.pure-leisure.co.uk/


Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network

RWPN is very happy to be supporting Julian in his Big Blind Walk as he campaigns to raise the profile of eye care services and eye research. As Julian can testify, community-based vision rehabilitation unlocks the door that blindness and vision loss shuts fast on your horizons. Whether it’s learning new skills to stay in work or maintaining old ones to maintain family life, Vision Rehabilitation Workers ensure there’s life after sightloss. We wish Julian a warm welcome throughout his journey.

Visit: http://www.rwpn.org.uk

The Camping and Caravanning Club

The Camping and Caravanning Club wishes Julian all the best as he strides to complete this challenge for such a great cause, to give hope to visually impaired or blind people. We hope that those Club Sites booked by Julian as a place to pitch up and lay his head at the end of the day are a perfect base to rest up and get out and enjoy the countryside. Our campsites join countless others that are well-equipped and offer dedicated accessible facilities – making the prospect of touring the UK less scary than it needs to be, even when walking upwards of 15 miles a day to raise awareness and funds to help combat the daily battles being fought in hospitals, eye clinics and laboratories to prevent sight loss, treat eye disease and restore sight.

Visit: https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk

The College of Optometrists

“It is great to see VisionBridge working to raise awareness of the need for better funding for research into vision and eye health. Julian’s work to raise awareness and funds and support research in general can only benefit the sector as a whole.”

Michael Bowen , Director of Research, College of Optometrists

Visit: https://www.college-optometrists.org


“The Big Blind Walk is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of living with sight loss with the public and to raise the profile of sight loss research, treatment, and support within the public health agenda. As a membership organisation for local sight loss charities across the UK that provide vital support and services to those living with sight loss we know how important this is. Visionary is delighted to support Julian in his efforts to promote the critical role that eye research plays in the prevention and treatment of avoidable and unavoidable sight loss, alongside the practical help for those losing their sight. We will be working with our member organisations across the UK to garner support and participation along the route for the Big Blind Walk – a most excellent adventure.”

Visit: http://visionary.org.uk

Visualise Training and Consultancy

“Visualise Training and Consultancy is delighted to be supporting Julian Jacksons Big Blind Walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Walking 1,000 miles raising awareness surrounding sight loss, research and innovation is no mean feat! Visualise Training and Consultancy is a company that strives to make the world more inclusive for people with sight loss and blindness raising awareness through their training not only on the importance of good eye health, but how to assist and empower a person living with sight loss and blindness. We also carry out Work-place needs assessments for people with a visual impairment to retain employment.

We wish Julian all the best on his walk, we hope the weather is kind to him, and we look forward to walking with him along the way.”

Twitter: @visualisetc

Visit: www.visualisetrainingandconsultancy.co.uk